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*Rurouni Kenshin* RuroKen Rurouni Kenshin Popular Content rurouni kenshin epI don't own the dvds, but I have it recorded on VHS and have all soundtracks downloaded, gonna buy the originals as soon as the money allowsCelestialFairy69 Jun 06, 2005 wow, it is awesome, i like it so much! nice effects and the bg " ni que se diga" en pocas palabras :nya: chingetscook Jun 06, 2005 Wow, this is the first time I've seen a kenshin wall I wanted to fav! Great jobThe grass seem a bit unreal though, it's too much flashy green for the luminosity of the wallryomalelouch 10.00 Love this series so much!!! It taught me values even though some episodes have fight scenes but I don't mind bcoz Kenshin-sama is a really great swordsman and no one can match his skills!! ^^ (kenshin bias ^^) And some episodes are funny! Its like all that you want to watch is in this seriesRurouni Kenshin Anime MangaThe music is wonderful, the character design is very unique and remarkable, all in a very well done story HurtHattori 9.25 I do intend to finish the anime one of these days! I really do! I have loved every chapter from the manga, but I only watch the anime when I feel like I need something only Kenshin and his friends are able to give meFavorite › ‹ *Rurouni Kenshin* YES X kenshin & kaoru samurai x *Rurouni Kenshin* kenshin himura *Rurouni Kenshin* RK Samurai X Live action *Rurouni Kenshin* Rurouni Kenshin Himura Kenshin kaoru kamiya rurouni kenshin Tomoe x Kaoru *Rurouni Kenshin* *Rurouni Kenshin* Rurouni Kenshin kenshin teacher Himura Battousai Blood version *Rurouni Kenshin* Kenshin and Tomoe Draw your sword kenshin himura RuroKen Rurouni Kenshinme ish lazy to type again ^^' so yeah and i wubb that vectored crow XD anji Jun 06, 2005 Wow A Kenshin wallie! I really like Keshin! Ok well this is a really nice wallexcept a few part where something ish wrong :) i especially wubb the glow on the sword XD the bg ish just pwettieeee :D oo linkin park winter south park popular backgrounds love joker 4k wallpaper sea megan fox bugatti sun brunette funny stars kitten diana melison eiffel tower cat leonardo dicaprio wolf zombie lamborghini angelina jolie mario casas ipad wallpaper rose dog iphone wallpaper tiger google puppy eminem owl angel lion autumn windows game of thrones star wars minecraft aston martin best backgrounds dota 2 aaron paul 1366x768 wallpaper maleficent art sky black spring white heart dragon galaxy minimalism robot summer breaking bad blonde ferrari I'm in the middle of the Kyoto Arc right now, around episode 35 or 36 if i recallchibi-lizard Jun 06, 2005 eto I also share equal love for Kenshin's relationships with Tomoe and Kaoru, both bonds were endearing and beautifulLove the bird on the branch, it's a nice touchOh, forgot to say that I own the Kenshin Kaden and the special issue about YahikoPadiRice 10.00 I watched this anime like over decades ago, still it continues to inspiring me until this day onKenshin looks so tight with that sword of his and he seems to be making contact with the viewer

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